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Renting a villa in summer: advantages

Until recently, the only alternative to spend the holidays in most of the tourist areas of our country was to find a good hotel. In recent years, renting a chalet or apartment on vacation is an option that is being used by an increasing number of people. But why is this practice increasing so much? What are the main advantages of renting a villa in summer?

In this post we will tell you 7 advantages of this practice that is becoming more and more fashionable.

PRICE: Renting an apartment near La Plata or a villa with a pool for the whole family can mean significant savings compared to the price of a hotel on the same date in high season. The savings can be even greater if it is shared with family or friends or if, in addition, we find a last-minute offer that lowers the price even more.

renting a villa in summer

A HOME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Renting a villa in summer will allow you to have separate bedrooms and single beds for the whole family. In addition to this, you will have common areas such as living room, kitchen, terraces, swimming pool or barbecue only and exclusively for us. As if this were not enough, many rental villas allow pets to enter. By renting a house for the holidays, you will ensure that you spend unforgettable days with your family enjoying the same home.

GUARANTEED PARKING: How many times do you not know where to park your car in your holiday destination in the middle of high season? Without a doubt, parking is a key aspect to enjoy a fantastic vacation. By renting a private villa, you will solve this problem and you will be able to have your car safe and cared for without any problem.

COOKING AT HOME: It is another of the great advantages of renting a private house. You will not have to adapt to schedules nor will you need to eat out if you do not feel like it and you will be able to adapt the meals both to the cost and to the diet you want to follow. Any vacation rental villa has a fully equipped kitchen so you don’t have to miss anything: refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, all kinds of utensils… etc.

TRAVEL WITH LESS LUGGAGE: When we travel as a family we usually carry the car loaded with all kinds of things necessary for the trip: cots and strollers for children, extra clothes to avoid any washing in the absence of a washing machine, bathroom utensils such as dryers or hair straighteners… If you rent a villa, all these problems will not exist since they are all sufficiently equipped.

ADAPTING TO ALL YOUR NEEDS: Thanks to the wide range of rental villas and chalets available, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect accommodation for you, that adapts to all your needs.

YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE: Renting a villa in summer with the whole family will allow you to spend spectacular, special and different vacations in which you will stop feeling like a tourist and in which you will be able to enjoy your family 100% and disconnect.